How To Leave A Rented Place In A Good Condition

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When you are leaving a place that you vacated temporarily for a few months or a few years, it’s always better to leave it in the same way you received it or in a better condition than to the condition that you received it. This is because you have built a relationship with your landowner via the passage of time and because you don’t want the relationship and the trust you built with him/ her be effected due to your ignorance. The way to leave a rented place in a good condition is as follows:

Create an inventory and look around

Develop an inventory of the stuff in the house and look around and see whether everything is in place. Check the lights, fans, windows, taps, wash basins, make sure that everything is as the same way that you received it and is in a good working condition. If its not, if the usual wear and tear has effected the property and the stuff in it, replace the stuff.

Remove the nails, pictures and artwork

You might have customized and personalized the space while you were in it. This is acceptable. But when you are leaving it, take your belongings with you. Remove the pictures and art works that belongs to you from the walls. Remove the nails that you used to hang them, and remove the patches and stains on the wall.

Paint if necessary

If you have small children, they may have drawn around the walls and made the walls unclean and dirty. If possible, it’s better to paint the house before you leave. You might have to take the permission from the landowner to do this, and you might need to use the same color that was used before. This way, you can leave the house the same way that you bought it.

Clean carpets if necessary

Your rental agreement may require you to clean the carpets as well. The carpets may have worn out due to your usage. Therefore, clean the carpets. If it’s difficult and time consuming to do it yourself take the help of the professionals. There are professional rental bond cleaning services in Perth available now and use innovative techniques. Just ask around or Google and find out a reliable cleaner.

Clean doors and windows

The doors and windows may need cleaning too. Clean, dust and wash these, so that the house gets a clean look.

Clean appliances

The appliances you use need cleaning too. Therefore, brush and wash them and make sure that you won’t leave your fingerprints behind.